Don’t underestimate the significance of your eyes. Regardless of whether you’re looking into the eyes of a friend, a family member or driving your vehicle down a windy road, your eyes are your window to the world, enabling you to witness every minute. In the event that you feel you may require glasses or another solution, don’t wait. Take proper care to ensure you’re seeing every moment at its very best.


Your eyes are comprised of two million moving parts, cooperating to bring you perfect vision. When something this complex is off by even only a slight bit, you may not be seeing your best. While great vision is essential, precise vision assumes an essential job in sending emails and messages, reading menus and road signs, driving safely day and night or viewing a movie with friends.

Our prescriptions change subtly overtime, so you may believe you’re seeing everything perfectly when you’re unknowingly stressing your eyes to see appropriately. In case you’re experiencing frequent headaches, neck aches or squinting, you may require another prescription. Keep in mind, underestimating the significance of your eyes could mean having vision that is under 20/20 making you miss the huge (or little) things that truly matter.


1. Do you need to hold objects a little further away to see clearly?
2. Are you having difficulty reading small print?
3. Have you increased the text size on your computer or phone?
4. Are you experiencing frequent headaches?
5. Are you bothered by glare or bright sunlight?
6. Do you notice ghosting, double images or hazy vision?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions, it may be time to have your eyes examined – feel free to contact us about an eye exam!